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+243 97 596 7634

Our Location

DR Congo

About Us

About Us

We Are In A Mission To
Help The Helpness

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Successfull Missions

Our Mission

Make World Happier

Our goal is to create a good living and end poverty in our region. 

We develop many missions to create a better world.
More connected, down to earth and prosperous projects.

Bee Keeping

We produce biological honey with respect and love.

Internet Cafe

Provide internet to people who can't have access to it.

Saving Gorilla

Protect and save the Gorillas of the region

Eco Tourism

Tourism with respect of the nature and its eco-system

Our Volunteers

Meet With Them

Our team is dedicated to create a better world beginning here is Congo.

Follow them changing the Congo.

Cédric Muliri

General Manager 

Dorothée Aziza

RH manager

Christian Irenge

ICT & Log. Manager

Rachel Akonkwa

Finance Officer

Emery Shabani

Tourism Manager

Pascal Mirindi

Marketing Officer